Who am I?

Who am I and why should you read my blog ? Good question, well now to first get through the mushy part of my life. I was born on Christmas eve and I get my birthday presents a week from the day of my birthday to avoid confusion. I grew up with a single mom untill 11 and my father got married again.( she was a nice lady)Well since ten years of age I wanted to move out the house and rent a hotel untill I was 18.I wished to do this because like most people I don’t like rules.So I figured I could do this by making money online and that is why I am here on the computer blah, blah, blah…

Well you should read my blog because of the Benefits
my blog post bring.For instance you can learn to search for jobs online. You can get connected with a job or something with me. Or you can just plain make some spending cash for the nearest holiday.But just plainly I made this blog to make money and to help others make money If you want to.


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