Top 5 ways to make money online : )

Number 1) Get paid to give advice. DO you think you’re smart? Do you think that you can solve some of peoples problems?Do you usually tell your friends the solution to their problems why not get paid to tell anonymous people their solution to their problems.( click link above for more info)

Number 2) Medical transcription. All I can say on this one is sorry but click the link because I got my info from him. because I am not really sure what it is.

Number 3) Home Based Customer Service Rep. also all I can say is click the link.

Number 4) Blogging. this is the only one that doesn’t have a link because there are two different ways that you can make money blogging. One is Affiliate Marketing which we will discuss later and Two is PayPerPost this is a website where you can put a word-press or blog on the internet and then you would receive offers from advertisers and then put there link in your blog post and boom you get paid it is as easy as that.

Number 5). Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is by far the easiest way to make money online and with the proper training at either Nicheblitzkrieg or Wealthy Affiliate you could earn a 5 or 6 figure income from home So here si how it works you sign up for a affiliate site (like Clickbank) that connects you the affiliate with them the suppliers and then you connect the sales page or something with the consumers while receiving a portion of the profit( with click bank it is most times going to be 75%)For example if a product cost about 100 dollars and they pay you 75% that’s 75 dollars per sale without a product!!!!!! I highly recommend this.

Also) Virtual assistance. Are you tired of traffic jams, tired of your nine to five mad at the boss well you can now due to extreme motivation (or boredom) man has created the computer and the internet now if you can settle for 40,000 dollars per year than this job is for you but if you want even more than you have gotta look at the other options.


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