The Secret

“The Secret” was a movie that I saw a couple of years back and I wondered if it worked. So then I had to put it to the test. First of what is the secret, well the secret is a secret that only a few hundred thousand people know about out of 1 billion. What it does is gets you everything you truly want.(getting a little excited or skeptic now aren’t you)Whether it be money, god, love, or anything else you got it. All you got to do is think about like focus on it what ever it is and you shall have it. Now the way it works is you believe that you already have it and then later you are like oh my gosh I just thought because if you really want some thing some one or some thing is going to stroll on by with an opportunity of some sort and all you have to do is take it. For example if you go home after a long night and you want some flap jacks for breakfast and you just imagine digging in to your freshly made pancakes made by whoever you live with and the just so happen to be called flapjacks at your home.(just remember about 9 hours ago you where thinking about some flapjacks) Another example is if you want a new car and you don’t have the money to buy it just test drive it for a couple of minuets and then you get a loan or someone leaves a bag full of legal money ( which probably won’t happen) or if you get a raise or something you are going to get that car, because you’ve got motivation and all you need is an opportunity. My last example i s if your having a bad day just change your way of thinking or it’ll get worse like if you chain a bike hoping no-one steals it next thing you know your bike and chain are stolen. And That is the secret that you now know.


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