Top 5 ways to make money online : )

Number 1) Get paid to give advice. DO you think you’re smart? Do you think that you can solve some of peoples problems?Do you usually tell your friends the solution to their problems why not get paid to tell anonymous people their solution to their problems.( click link above for more info) Number 2) Medical … Continue reading

How to make money online free.

So now you’ve known that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer but why aren’t you rich. The answer to that question will not be told in this article because I don’t know your story (you can tell me as a comment) and with that I can pull no answer from nothing. But … Continue reading

The Secret

“The Secret” was a movie that I saw a couple of years back and I wondered if it worked. So then I had to put it to the test. First of what is the secret, well the secret is a secret that only a few hundred thousand people know about out of 1 billion. What … Continue reading

Not just another P.T.C. site

Hello again this is the blog poster and I would like to introduce/reintroduce you to a website called Clicksense and this is a website that pays you to click and this site Is different from the competition because it has a way to have you pay to click.I say this because you can buy ads … Continue reading