Money for paypal {insantcash sweepstakes}

Hello again this is karster again and and I have serious news here and I wanted to share it with you, lucky people. So there is this website called “ ?????? (click it to find out what it is {instant cash sweepstakes})Now that you know what it is I’ll tell you what this does for you.(downside first)This probably is an almost pretty hard way to make money and it pays out randomly but the bright side is alll you do is answer 3 questions and boom 10-50 lottery tickets or something.The reason they are named lottery tickets is because there is a 2 dollar drawing every hour and a 50 dollar drawing daily now the downside here is if you get like 1008 tickets than you only got like a 89% chance of winning.Another bright-side to this is that ther is 24 hours a day and 7 days a week but again you’ve got work or the kids or both and you can probably spend about 14 hours per week at this so chances are pretty low and against you.Another bright side is the pay out minimum is only two dollars which isn’t to much to an adult but is still money though :).Another good thing is I can almost guarantee that this is no scam{life has no guarantees} if you don’t believe me than search Google and type in instant cash sweepstakes scam (or review or legit at the end of instant cash sweepstakes) and find out your self.But since I just going back and forth on this I’ll start wrapping this up. More importantly is the PayPal account and if you don’t have one yet your missing out and click

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